On Sunday, Bihar Chief Minister and JD (U) president Nitish Kumar pitched for a nationwide ban on alcohol. He also reportedly asked party activists to raise awareness among people about the ill-effects of alcohol consumption. Giving the example of Gujarat and Bihar, Kumar questioned why a liquor ban cannot be implemented in the entire country and also lashed out at Congress and left parties on why they couldn’t support the ban and campaign against its consumption. And while it remains to be seen if this proposal will be implemented or not, the Twitterati, as always, has been quick to imagine an alcohol-free country. Using the hashtag, #IfAlcoholWereBanned, Twitterati brought out various hilarious scenarios that were likely to occur if alcohol is banned in India. 

Remedies to Reduce Alcohol Cravings: Try These 5 Proven Remedies to Stop Drinking TODAY!

Remedies to Reduce Alcohol Cravings: Try These 5 Proven Remedies to Stop Drinking TODAY!

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The call for a nationwide ban on liquor comes at a time when people are getting all ready to party. December is usually the party season every year as people go about celebrating Christmas and bringing in the new year. From music festivals to several offers at bars, pubs and restaurants, people head to various venues to celebrate. And to avoid instances of drinking and driving, traffic police and security is beefed up on the streets. The jury, therefore, is still out on the necessity of this nationwide ban on alcohol. In the meanwhile, Twitterati let their creative juices flow and came out with various consequences of this ban. Here are some of the hilarious tweets: Also Read - Dragon Fruit to be Renamed as 'Kamalam' by Gujarat Government. But Why?

No Party Songs!

First reaction?

A simple as that!

Users were quick to take potshots:

What an idea!

Funny GIFS were also shared:

Nostalgic already?

Peanuts would lose their jobs:

This one is too funny!

And some compared it to demonetisation:

It was in April 2016 that the Bihar government imposed a ban on sale and manufacturing of liquor. In his pitch, Nitish Kumar stated that a ban on liquor would translate to fall in crime rate, road accidents and various diseases. He also said that it would lead to communal harmony as all religions including Hinduism, Islam, Sikhism, Buddhism and Jainism criticise liquor consumption.