With no cure of COVID-19 in sight and the alarming rise of coronavirus cases in India, boosting one’s immunity in the wake of the pandemic is the need of the hour and a sweet shop in Kolkata is helping customers do exactly that by offering them their ‘Immunity Sandesh’. The dessert is reportedly prepared from 15 different herbs and spices. Also Read - Coronavirus: Devotees Won’t be Allowed Holy Dip in Ganga River in Uttarakhand on Kartik Purnima

One of Kolkata’s oldest and most famous sweet shops, Balaram Mullick & Radharaman Mullick is ensuring both taste and health perks with their ‘Immunity Sandesh’. After Corona Sandesh and Corona Cake by other sweet shops in Kolkata, Immunity Sandesh is not to spread awareness but help combat infection from the virus. Also Read - Indian Navy Inducts Two American Predator Drones On Lease, Can Be Deployed On China Border

Owner of the shop, Sudip Mullick told Sangbad Pratidin, a Bengali Newspaper, “From a very young age, we have known the usefulness of all these herbs, be it turmeric or kalonji (black cumin) or cardamom or bay leaves. All these spices act as a guard against some disease or the other. We all use it for cooking and I think these herbs might help Bengal to help fight novel coronavirus.”

The herbs used in preparing Immunity Sandesh reportedly include tulsi, turmeric, nutmeg, cardamom, black cumin, licorice, galangal, bay leaves, ginger, peepul and black pepper among others. Mullick emphasised that while Himalayan honey is added to make the sweet healthy instead of using sugar or jaggery, it is prepared without any artificial ingredients.

Before serving, they are then mixed with chhena (cottage cheese) . The makers also claimed that Immunity Sandesh’s ingredients will help people combat the novel coronavirus. Ayurvedic experts reportedly praised this sweet as the herbs used in it, including tulsi, tumeric, licorice and kalonji, are immuno-modulators. The sweets are being sold for Rs 25.