The whole of India observes Independence Day annually on August 15. The occasion is celebrated as a national holiday as Indian received freedom from the British Empire after 200 years of rule. Our national leaders sacrificed their life to get our country an independent identity. This year we complete 69 years of independence but there are few things that has ruined the peace and order of our country. Despite being citizens of a free nation, we are still battling against certain social evils. (ALSO READ: Independence Day Songs: Top 7 evergreen songs that will evoke the patriotic sentiment among Indians!)Also Read - Independence Day Special: 15 Stalwarts Including Amitabh Bachchan, Lata Mangeshkar Bring Patriotic Anthem of The Year ‘Hum Hindustani’ | Watch

This Independence Day, let take a vow to free India from 17 such things that our country is battling from: Also Read - Independence Day Special: 5 Shah Rukh Khan, Akshay Kumar And Aamir Khan Films That Will Wake The Patriot In You

1. Corruption: Also Read - Rustom, Airlift & Baby: Best Akshay Kumar movies that invoke the patriot in you!


This is one of the biggest issues our country needs to battle against.

2. Child Marriage:


Though our country swears by innovation, we still have to fight issues like Child marriage which are prevalent in rural parts of the country.

3. Cigarette & Tobacco:


Despite being aware of the fact that Tobacco leads to Cancer, Indians are still struggling to get rid of Cigarettes and Tobacco.

4. Honour Killings:


Honour Killings have been one of the major issues that is rampant in certain parts of the country and needs to be stopped immediately.

5. Crime Against Children:


Children in our country are vulnerable to crimes, such as Child labour, Child trafficking and child abuse.

6. Stereotyping the LGBT community:


The third gender in our country is deprived of their rights. They are having a high time accessing their basic rights.

7. Violence Against Animals:


After children, animals are the next most suffered living beings in our country.

8. Plastic Bags:


Any number of ban cannot help us stay away from using plastic bags in our daily life.

9. Use of Pesticides in Food:


Well, our bodies must be rich in chemicals rather can vitamins and minerals by eating those fruits  and vegetables.

10. Aerated Drinks:


We are not just eating chemicals but drinking them as well.

11. Negative portrayal of women in Cinema:


While we worship women as our deities, we also love to watch them doing item numbers on screen.

12. Censorship:


The strange rules of CBFC have created a major problem for creative artists in our country.

13. Urinating in Public:


The government has set up public urinals across the country but still people enjoying urinating in the public.

14. Saas Bahu Shows:


The more we say about these telly shows is less. They are pointless and do nothing to improve out IQ but the audience loves it.

15. Junk Food:


We know they are not good for our body, but find it difficult to keep our hands off them.

16. Selfie Trend:


Ever since India has been addicted to the Selfie fad, people just don’t realise when and where to take selfies.

17. And KRK:


I think the picture is sufficient to explain why Indian must get freedom from this man.