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Video Daddy presents another video this Independence Day, which will leave you thinking where exactly freedom exists. The content may look simple in the beginning with the girl going around and asking people, “Where can we find freedom?” To see people fumbling with the answers would look funny for sometime, but what would we answer if this question was asked to each one us? Also Read - 16-Year-Old UP Girl Ends Life, Leaves 18-Page Suicide Note Addressed to PM Modi, Read What She Wrote

Do we really have a convincing answer to give ourselves? After 68 years of Independence have we just moved from the clutches of one rule to another or is there a place where someone can see, buy or feel freedom. Also Read - 'COVID-19 to Border Aggression', Indian Envoy Touches Upon Challenges Faced by Country in 2020

Although the girl does not direct her question to a particular class or creed, it was ironic to see the woman serving as a security to answer that she is not supposed to talk while she is on work.

In a way, everyone here is bound to something, without which it is difficult for them to live. This Independence think if you are really free or you still need to break free shackles and declare yourselves independent in every sense.