Killing newborn girls apart from the female foeticide is a commonly seen practice in India. But Dharitri is one gritty baby girl who survived an attempted manslaughter at the hands of her own father! The accused Ramesh Chandra buried his baby daughter who was barely six hours old ALIVE, all because he wanted a male child. This incident came to light when local villagers spotted the girl sticking her feet in the farmland in the Jajpur district of the eastern state of Odisha. They rescued baby Dharitri and was rushed to the hospital where she remains under observation, officials said. Also Read - Odisha Govt Reduces Tuition Fee in All Private Schools For 2020-21 Academic Session

She is named Dharitri, a Sanskrit word meaning ‘the earth’ by the hospital staff. Unlike, other babies, she is not named by her parents. Why? Well, because, her father, 35-year-old Ramesh tried to kill her off by burying her alive, just a few hours after the birth. This is the gory reality of India where impoverished families go any mile to get rid of their female child. Also Read - Will Meet Again After Pandemic is Over: Here is What Jack Ma Said in Reappearance Video | WATCH

The story of the baby girl made the headlines when localities spotted her tiny feet in the mud where she was buried by her taxi-driver father. An eye-witness who also helped in rescuing the baby girl was quoted saying, ‘Her umbilical cord was intact, and the body was still covered with vernix.’ He recalled how it was a little kid who first saw the feet of the child buried under a compost dump in a field. They then rushed to the spot and rescued the newborn girl. Also Read - Caught on Camera: Delivery Driver Cancels Food Order & Eats it Outside Customer's House | Watch

While the baby was admitted and immediately given medication and kept under the observation, police started looking for the culprits behind the horrible act of human sacrifice. They started scanning for the baby’s parents by looking at the record of expecting mothers in the area. “They were unable to explain about the missing child after we scanned the locality for expecting mothers,” Investigating Officer Jyoti Prakash Pande told AFP. In the interrogation, the father of child admitted burying the baby, reasoning out by saying he was too poor to raise a daughter.

A video was recorded from the incident area where the girl was rescued went viral on the social media and made to the national headlines. Wrapped in a blue cloth, the girl is removed from the mud, and this sight will make the coldest of hearts melt. India which has put a ban on prenatal sex determination still is struggling to better the skewed sex ratio of 940 females for every 1,000 males, according to the last official census in 2011.