It’s a stressful time for people all across the globe and this anxiety and difficulty is seen everywhere. In India, while a big fight against COVID-19 is going on, authorities are also trying to fight fake news that’s being shared and reported widely through various means of media. In the recent incident, a prominent news channel reported a Delhi-based army veteran dead only to realise that the man was alive and he called them out on social media. Also Read - Rangoli Chandel's Twitter Account Suspended For Violating Twitter Guidelines, Spreading Fake News

The news channel flashed a ticker saying the President of Defence Colony Welfare Associated died due to the coronavirus. The President, Major Ranjit Singh, took no time in writing back to the channel clarifying that he’s alive and kicking and the reporters should behave responsibly at their jobs, especially in the times of the crisis. He also mentioned that the news caused distress to his family. Major Ranjit Singh uploaded a screenshot of the channel with the news of his death flashing on the screen. He took to Twitter and wrote, “Aaj Tak I am the President of Defence Colony Welfare Association and alive as of now. Are you reading my near future. Idiots wake up.” (sic) Also Read - I am Fit and Fine. Here's My Report, Jitendra Ahwad Busts WhatsApp Fake News

This is how others reacted to the entire incident on Twitter:

However, soon after he made the tweet, the reporter apologised and mentioned that he made a ‘genuine’ mistake’ in such ‘trying times.’ Major Ranjit Singh made another tweet revealing he has accepted the apology from the reporter and bears ‘no grudge’. His tweet read, “I think it was a genuine mistake by the Aaj Tak Journalist, working under stress during these trying days. The journalist has apologised which I have accepted and bear him no grudge. As a Fauji I have learnt how genuine mistakes take place and need to forgive” (sic)

It’s important to be responsible for discussing issues and passing comments on sensitive situations around. The world is dealing with unprecedented times and it is only when each individual realises his/ her responsibility that we can survive this crisis collectively.