The Mrs India South Africa pageant is going to be held at Durban later this year. The beauty contest will have Cape Town hospital doctor Saumya Tiwari Gautam, who emerged as one of the top 22 finalists. Saumya Gautam who originally hails from Hoshangabad, Madhya Pradesh, has been staying in Cape Town with her husband Siddharth Gautam, from the past 6 years. In fact, after adding glam and glitz at the beauty pageant, the doctor wants to return India and practice as a doctor in her home country.

The idea of entering the beauty pageant was actually the idea of Saumya’s husband Siddharth, who filled in the application without her knowing. “I am feeling thankful to God and blessed for this great opportunity in my life,” Gautam was quoted as saying. In a bid to work for the uplifting women, Saumya says she had been praying for a platform to serve humanity on a larger scale.

“Every second woman is suffering, from socio-economic to family problems. Women are the most beautiful creation in the world. If they know what they’re worth, they can touch the sky. The problem is many women don’t have support. I want them to know what you are capable of. I had prayed to God that I need a platform and I thank God for giving me a platform to give my voice to the voiceless,” the finalist was quoted as saying.

Meanwhile, Dr Saumya Gautam was recently selected to be the Cape Town brand ambassador for the Smile Foundation. Nowadays, Gautam is in India and is busy preparing for the pageant. The Mrs India South Africa pageant will take place at the Olive Convention Centre in Durban on August 25.