New Delhi: A lot of misinformation and fake news has flooded social media ever since coronavirus hit India. However, not all that we read on the internet is true and it’s always better to check the facts before believing them. One such WhatsApp message is going viral on social media platforms which claims that all the trains operated by the Indian Railways will stop running from December 1.Also Read - FACT Check: No, Railways NOT Planning to Trim Overtime, Travel Allowances of 13 Lakh Employees

The message further states that COVID-19 special trains that were announced by government to ferry passengers amid the coronavirus crisis will also stop operating. Needless to say, all those people who have already booked their railway tickets for their journeys in the coming month are in a state of confusion and panic.

However, there is nothing to worry as the message is totally fake. Refuting such claims on social media, the fact check wing of the Government’s Press Information Bureau said that Ministry of Railways has taken no such decision on halting of train services after December 1.

In a tweet, PIB wrote, ”It is claimed in a #WhatsApp forward that all trains including the #COVID19 special trains will stop operating after 1st December. #PIBFactCheck: This claim is #Fake. @RailMinIndia has taken no such decision on halting of train services after 1st December.”

The Press Information Bureau launched this fact-checking arm in December 2019, to curb misinformation and fake news prevalent on the internet. It claimed that its objective was “to identify misinformation related to government’s policies and schemes that are circulating on various social media platforms”.

The government has time and again, urged people not to share such unconfirmed reports and trust only reliable sources.