The water crisis is one of the most major ones in the country. majority of our country is reeling under the pressure of drought like situation and ground water resources are also depleting rapidly. The rain water harvest techniques are not advanced in out country and because of that, we still face major water issues. There’s no way to recycle water either and millions of tons of water goes to waste daily. The government, while focusing on the issue of cleanliness and women empowerment, has completely neglected the most important issue that of drinking water. Water is used for each and every activity and without water, we cannot exist. Therefore, many scientists have been trying desperately to come up with ways and means to not only recycle existing water but also make it more potable. Also Read - This Gujarat Village Should Get The Award For Best Out Of Waste As They Auction Their Sewage Water!

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Dr Rajah Vijay Kumar from Bengaluru has for the same purpose invented the Boom Tube Resonator which is a path-breaking device. The device cleans water from the sewage and does it in such a brilliant manner that the recycled water is now fit for drinking! Not just that, the impurities in the water are not wasted or dumped but rather, converted to high-yield fertiliser which can then be used for farming! that really is killing two birds with one stone! If you think these are nothing but tall claims being made then Dr Rajah is all set to prove you wrong! He and his team have already been using the Boom Tube Resonator in their campus and so far, they have been able to recover over 10,000 litres of water daily from sewage! Not only that, they have been using the water for drinking, proving that the water procured is completely safe.

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Dr. Rajah’s Boom Tube Resonator has managed to garner a great response not only in India but is also creating waves abroad. he has already received multiple orders from abroad for his invention. The governments of many countries are creating queries and asking Dr. Rajah about the Boom Tube Resonator. Two of the most prominent queries have come from Doha and Oman, both well known for their dry climate and their proximity to deserts. The desert regions with arid land are in need of water the most and this invention could help resolve some serious water issues. The regions have raised a query where they wish to recover 3 lakh litres per day! Dr. Rajah also has a query from Malaysia where the amount of water to be recovered is as large as 10 litres! He is also in talks with Singapore for an equally large order.

Image Credit: TOI

Image Credit: TOI

It is definitely not easy to manage to convert sewage water to clean, potable water. So far, we did not have the technology to convert such water and even the technologies recently developed did not achieve such results without the use of heavy chemicals. However, The Boom Tube Resonator uses no chemicals or micro-organisms which might then be ingested and cause harm to the human body. It instead neutralises the negative particles in the water and then causes them to club together leaving the sewage water completely clean and fit for consumption. The times are demanding and the need for a quick yet permanent and viable solution is increasing day by day. The Boom Tube Resonator could definitely help in easing some of the water crises faced all over the world.

With the rise in global warming, while water levels are rising and yet, there is a lack of potable and usable water in many lands. While sea water is available in abundance, it is not economically feasible to convert this water into drinking water. Also, the technique is too intensive and time consuming. In a country like India with billions of litres of water consumed daily, it is extremely essential for us to begin caring and saving water. Kudos to Mr. Rajah on his Boom Tube Resonator and hope that more and more and more authorities in the country use the technique to help raise India’s ground water levels and solve the water crisis in the country.