One thing if all Indian children have been taught in common as kids were to touch the feet of elders. Be it parties, festivals, get-to-together or any public event, kids in the country have always been asked to bow down to elders including teachers to take blessings from them. It is believed to be a part of the culture and tradition in the country. And one such cultured Indian boy could not hold back when he was being handed the graduation certificate at a foreign university. Gaurav Jhaveri a student of Illinois Institute of Technology touched the feet of the Dean leaving him shocked. It happened during during the Commencement ceremony at IIT Chicago in the USA .The Dean looked puzzled as Gaurav touched his feet. He kept looking at the student as he felt the podium having not clue what just happened.Also Read - New AI system beats humans at predicting court outcomes

Well, we can’t blame the poor chap for it after all it was a sign of respect. With the habit being inculcated in children since a young age they grow up to do the same (which is the whole idea). The video went viral after a Twitter user tweeted about it saying, “Indians will be Indians”. Here is the tweet:

Watch Proud Indian Student Touching Feet of Dean at Graduation Ceremony:

The GIF which was uploaded by a Twitter user Nikhil on Friday has over 3,600 likes and 3,900 retweets. And Twitter had a field saying how Indians will show their values not matter wherever they go. While some said that you can take an Indian to any part of the world but definitely not take Indian values out of the person.