New Delhi: A very personal letter from former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi to the owner of Tata Group of Companies, JRD Tata has recently started making rounds on the internet and Twitterati can’t stop discussing it. The letter went viral after industrialist Harsh Goenka, chairman of RPG Enterprises, shared it on his Twitter handle with the caption, “A very personal letter exchange between a powerful Prime Minister and a giant industrialist. Sheer class ! #Tata”.Also Read - This Video of a Bride Helping Her Groom Get Ready for Their Wedding is the Sweetest Thing Ever | WATCH

In the letter, the former prime minister thanked Mr. Tata for sending perfumes to her and also added that he could convey his views on government policies without any hesitation. Mrs. Gandhi also extended her good wishes to Tata and his wife Thelma Vicaji Tata or Thelly. Also Read - Video of a Girl Thrashing a Cab Driver in the Middle of a Road in Lucknow Goes Viral | WATCH

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Mrs. Gandhi’s typewritten letter read, “Dear Jeh, I am thrilled with the perfumes. Thank you so much. I don’t normally use perfume and am so cut off from the ‘chic’ world that I do not even know these, but will certainly experiment with them. It was good to see you. Please do not hesitate to write or to come and see me when you want to convey any views- favourable or critical! With good wishes to you and Thelly.”

Netizens who came across the letter said how nostalgic it made them about the good old days, while many even praised the simplicity of Mrs. Gandhi, reminiscing about the bygone days when letters were either handwritten or written on typewriters. One user even shared a letter Former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee to the business magnate Aditya Birla.

Goenka’s tweet sharing Mrs. Gandhi’s letter has so far garnered over 8000 likes, 1151 retweets and hundreds of comments. People posted comments like, “We will never have such classy leaders now it seems”, “Those were the leaders, times and days that built a strong India… Today’s India is all about fear, suspicion and incompetence…”, “Such where the times when great men & women of India existed. They had character, honour, pride & knowledge. Today we are reduced to a global joke!”, and many more.