Parepare (Indonesia): Sometimes when simple measures don’t work, you need to do something larger-than-life in order to attract people’s attention. The same happened with Rudi Hartono, a 36-year-old man from Indonesia’s Parepare, who tried his best to raise awareness about plastic pollution but wasn’t very successful in his attempts. It is then that he decided to do something different and started dressing up like Spider-Man! Also Read - 'French Spiderman' arrested after tower stunt snarls London's financial hub

Dressed up as Spider-Man, he ventured out every day to collect and pick up garbage strewn on the streets and beaches. And his idea worked because dressing up as Spiderman prompted his fellow residents to follow the example of cleaning up the streets. Also Read - 'Spiderman Burglar' arrested in southeast Delhi's Tughlakabad: Police

Hartono, who is a cafe worker says that he collects waste as Spider-Man before his cafe work begins at 7 pm and now more and more people have been noticing him, as per a Reuters report.

“At first, I did the same activity without wearing this costume and it did not attract the public’s attention in order for them to join and help pick up trash. After wearing this costume, it turns out the public’s response was extraordinary,” he said.

Hartono admitted he bought the Spider-Man outfit simply to amuse his nephew before others in his town took notice. He said he hoped the government would throw more weight behind efforts to clean up trash and tighten rules on waste management including on single-use plastic bags.

“Minimising plastic waste is the most important thing to do, because plastic is difficult to decompose,” he said.

Indonesia, the world’s fourth most populous country, generates 3.2 million tonnes a year of waste, with nearly half ending up in the sea, a 2015 study in the journal Science showed.