While researchers and scientists across the world are working day and night to come up with a vaccine for Covod-19, many uninformed people are busy giving unsolicited opinions and propagating false cures for the virus. One of them is Indonesia’s agriculture minister who has claimed that a necklace made from eucalyptus can help prevent transmission of Covid-19. Also Read - Indonesia Is Punishing Quarantine Violators By Making Them Stay in 'Haunted Houses'

Yes! As per a Guardian report, Syahrul Yasin Limpo said that if the necklace is worn for 30 minutes, it could help destroy much of the coronavirus. The necklace, developed by the agriculture ministry, which is to be mass-produced next month, would also contain powdered eucalyptus for the user to inhale.

However, this development has angered health experts and infectious disease specialists and drew massive criticism from experts and the public alike. Many made fun of the proposed plan on Twitter:

After facing backlash, the ministry backtracked and said the products will not be advertised as having the ability to prevent or cure COVD-19 and instead, they will be classified as herbal products. (Remind you of a recent case back home?)

So far, Indonesia has reported  66,226 positive cases and 3,309 deaths till now.