English is the official global language for communication and hence considered to be a priority in the school and college curriculum. In India, a country with a lot of stereotypes, often one is judged by his or her fluency and command over the English language. Better you speak, higher your standards, as per the typical Indian Mentality. An accent plays a really interesting role in your vocabulary while speaking English. It determines your origin and makes you unique in a way. But adapting an American accent in the school curriculum? Seriously? Who came up with that! Also Read - UK Variant Dominant in North India, Double Mutant in Maharashtra, Gujarat; COVID Spreads Tentacles in Southern States | Highlights

Apparently a vernacular medium school in the outskirts of Tamil Nadu has come up with an insane idea of imposing American accent in their English language subject. While many people find it cute, it’s actually a stupid and unnecessary adaptation. Indians are known for their thick accent which is often made fun of, but it’s considered to be one of the most efficient ones when it comes to pronunciation. A Tamil guy trying to imitate an accent which sounds more like talking with a mouth full of socks is really not a good idea, since it’s not only damaging the student’s vocabulary, but also giving false hopes of having a pretty accent which is more or less a combination of American, British and Tamil accent. Also Read - Tamil Nadu Election Results 2021: Here's Full List of Winners Constituency-wise

An accent is just like Cadbury Bourneville, you earn it. It’s something you adapt gradually considering the region you stay in. Trying to teach it or learn it is just removes the essence of the entire language and you end up building an insanely weird vocabulary. Imagine a Tamil guy talking in an American accent in France, how normal would that end up looking like? Skip to 3:40 on the video. Also Read - Melur Election Result 2021: AIADMK's Periyapullan P Alias Selvam Wins