Facebook-owned photo and video-sharing app Instagram has launched a new feature – ‘Challenges sticker in the Stories gallery. Also Read - Zaira Wasim Back on Twitter After Controversial Quran Tweet, Says 'Took a Break Due to Noise'

Starting this Saturday, Instagram is testing ‘Challenges’ in Stories, which makes it easy to join challenges through a sticker, via the stories text tool, or from nominations from friends. Also Read - Tamil Director Adhin Ollur Donates His Liver to Ailing Father at The Age of 23, Posts Photos on Facebook

“We’ve seen that challenges are a fun way to interact with your friends on social media and that people are using @mentions, text and hashtags to join popular challenges,” the company said in a statement. Also Read - Zaira Wasim Trends on Twitter as She Leaves Social Media After Using a Quran Verse to Allegedly Justify Locust Attack

With this new sticker, people will be able to participate and nominate their friends.

If a user comes across a challenge when watching other people’s Stories, that user can join in simply by tapping on the sticker to try it themselves. Anyone can try a challenge, even without being nominated.

“Alternately, when someone nominates you for a challenge, you’ll receive a direct message (DM) saying your friend mentioned you in their story,” the Facebook-owned app said.

“After you tap into their story where you’re nominated, you can tap “Try This Challenge” to open the camera with a “Nominated by” challenge sticker. You can then share this to your own story and your nominator will be tagged in your story,” the company added.

For this test, everyone will be able to participate in challenges, but only a limited number of challenges will be available.

A few weeks ago, Instagram also launched the ‘Stay Home’ and ‘Ghar Pe Raho’ stickers, allowing users to see how others are practising social distancing during the lockdown.