An Indonesian Instagram influencer has sparked outrage by offering to auction off her virginity to raise funds for the battle against COVID-19. In a video uploaded this week, Sarah Salsabila aka Sara Keihl said she was willing to sell her virginity for a starting price of two billion Indonesian rupiahs or AUD$206,855.Also Read - Coronavirus' Delta Variant Cripples Asian Countries; China, Thailand & Malaysia Witness Record Surge

She said in the video, “I, Sarah, am making the biggest decision of my life to auction my virginity, starting from 2 billion rupiahs. One hundred percent of the funds will be donated to all the warriors against Covid-19, and whoever else needs money.” Also Read - Districts Badly Hit by 2nd Wave May Not Witness Intense 3rd Wave, Claims ICMR Study

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Sara further told her followers that all proceeds would go toward helping coronavirus frontline workers and those who were economically affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Here comes the twist:

Soon after the announcement, she was blasted on social media, slammed for being ‘desperate’ and her Instagram video was immediately taken down. After the expected outrage and backlash, Sara clarified that she wasn’t actually offering her virginity for sale and that she was merely being satirical.

“I’m sorry for creating the controversy. In truth, the virginity auction was my idea of satire of those who aren’t sensitive to the situation,” she wrote in a post.

“But clearly my sarcasm was too much and I deeply beg for your forgiveness. I had no intention of violating women and I also had no intention of auctioning my virginity,” she added.

She also said that she would be donating “1,000 grocery aids” out of her pocket, as a way to apologize for the stunt.

Meanwhile, a leaked conversation between Sarah and a friend on Instagram reportedly shows her saying that she had staged the stunt with her manager for gaining followers!