One of the world’s most technologically advanced nations, Japan is known for its scientific research and clever innovations. Now, in yet another technological marvel, Tokyo has designed two public toilets for the Tokyo Toilet project, which have been making headlines for its unusual features. Also Read - Children in this Remote Maharashtra Village Speak Japanese, Thanks to their Passion for Robotics

These new sets of see-through restrooms have transparent glass walls that turn opaque when a user enters the facility and locks the door!

Photos of the toilets with transparent walls have gone viral on social media. Check them out here:

Here’s the logic behind it

Though these toilets might sound risky, they are aimed at changing people’s perceptions of public toilets.

As per a CNN report, the restrooms, installed at Yoyogi Fukamachi Mini Park and Haru-no-Ogawa Community Park, are designed to allow those in need of facilities to quickly determine their cleanliness and whether they are already occupied.

The transparent glass walls will allow the public to see through from the outside and help them determine if they are clean and once they enter the toilet and lock the door, the walls turn opaque to provide privacy.

“There are two things we worry about when entering a public restroom, especially those located at a park. The first is cleanliness, and the second is whether anyone is inside. At night, the facility lights up the park like a beautiful lantern,” the Tokyo Toilet Project’s website states.

Each of the two facilities includes a men’s toilet, a women’s toilet and a mixed-use toilet.