December 15 is observed as International Tea Day every year, with tea lovers worldwide celebrating it. Tea or Coffee? This has been one of the longest debates in the world, with tea lovers picking on the coffee lovers at every possible moment. If you love tea, International Tea Day is the perfect time to support the beverage that has various benefits if prepared and consumed in the right manner. The basic variety of tea is a part of every household and office, but tea on the whole is internationally accepted as a healthier addiction than coffee. Here are five ways tea helps improve your health! Also Read - Plastic-Free India: Soon, Eco-Friendly 'Kulhads' to Replace Plastic Tea Cups at All Indian Railway Stations

1. Caffeine – This is the most debated fact, as tea contains caffeine just like coffee does. But as compared to coffee and energy drinks, tea has much lower amount of caffeine. On an average, tea contains 11 mg of caffeine for every 100 ml, as compared to the minimum of 40 mg caffeine per 100 ml in coffee. Also Read - Side-effects of Chai: 5 Things to Take Care as Winters Gear up to Increase Tea Cravings

2. Cancer – Tea is much more easily absorbed and accepted by the human body and studies say it has helped in battling cancer. While the classic tea is not a part of the list, green tea and essiac tea have been extensively used in treating various types of cancer. Also Read - Improves Memory, Regulates Emotions And More: Drinking This Amazonian Tea Can Help You in Ways You Cannot Imagine

3. Neurological Disorders – Green tea is made from steamed tea leaves and has proved to reduce the risk of neurological disorders like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. It also reduces the risk of stroke or paralysis.

4. Digestion – Ginger tea is known to aid digestion and is consumed after breakfast and lunch worldwide. The main role here, of course, is played by ginger; however the combination of ginger and tea is known to work better for digestion.

5. Exposure to cigarette – While the ‘Chai Sutta Chronicles’ (Tea and Cigarette Chronicles) is a known phrase in India, it is actually a healthier option. Black tea is known to reduce the damage caused by cigarette smoking. This is good news for people who have failed to quit smoking and love a hot sizzling cup of tea with their smoke.