‘You are a girl so you must love pink’, ‘You drive quite well for a girl’, ‘You know the rules of cricket despite being a girl!’. If you are a woman reading this, then we are sure you must have heard this at least once. And are tired of hearing it, perhaps. These are all statements that aren’t really harmful, yet it throws light on the stereotypes that people hold about women. YouTube channel FilterCopy has tried to highlight these very stereotypes with their new video, ‘Things Women Are Tired Of Hearing’. The video has been uploaded a day prior to International Women’s Day, and is getting a lot of positive reactions from women who have faced similar problems in their lives. Also Read - YouTube Suspends US President Donald Trump’s Channel for at Least Seven Days

AIB Releases New Video ‘Ode to Karni Sena’; Here are Five Times the Comedy Group Highlighted Social Issues Brilliantly Through Satire

AIB Releases New Video ‘Ode to Karni Sena’; Here are Five Times the Comedy Group Highlighted Social Issues Brilliantly Through Satire

Stereotypes are something we all detest, and no one likes to be compartmentalised. Yet, there was and there continue to be many such preconceived notions about what women can and cannot do. Any girl who doesn’t conform to these notions is considered to be an ‘exception’. FilterCopy tactfully weaves these common stereotypes into an excellent narrative, that is enacted by stellar actors. The video, which is about 3 minutes long, depicts different instances in the lives of women where they are subjected to stereotypes held not just by men, but also other women. Also Read - KGF 2 Teaser Sets Big YouTube Record: Yash Starrer Gets Over 130 Million Views And 6.6 Likes

For instance, a female friend asks a woman if her husband ‘allowed her to go for such a long trip’. In another instance, a male colleague asks the woman to ‘leave all the technical stuff to him’ and says she should just focus on making the Powerpoint presentation ‘pretty’. [ALSO READ: Party on Mind this New Year Eve: AIB Tells You Why You Shouldn’t Drink and Drive Through their New YouTube Video] Also Read - TikTok Highest Grossing App of 2020 Despite Ban, Followed by Tinder, Youtube; Netflix 10th

Through the video, there are many more such dialogues which women will identify with. These include, “Career toh theek hai, lekin shaadi ka kya?”, “Tujhe khaana banana nahin aata?”, “Oh, late night at work? Your husband doesn’t mind?”. From presuming that all that women knwo about cricket is ‘Kohli’ to mocking their offer to drive to even condescendingly saying, “Kya ladki jaise ro raha hai”, the video hits home with every scene.

Watch the video here:

The video, which was uploaded on March 7, 2018, has received close to 1.11 lakh views and 15000 likes. Many users commented saying that they too have been in similar situations in their lives. One users says, “The first thing is so relatable. We are girls that doesn’t mean we only watch cricket to scream Kohli. And all girls don’t love pink we also love other colors. Thank u filter copy for this video. And happy women’s day to all ❤❤”. FilterCopy also asked women to comment about what they were tired of hearing the most. One of the most common responses to this query was ‘You are a girl, so please learn to cook. Well, though the video is funny, it also important to take note of the underlying message, and change mindsets as soon as possible. Watch the video and let us know your thoughts on it in the comments section below.