From time to time, social media has witnessed several viral challenges. These challenges range from nominating someone to upload black and white photographs or photographs of mobile’s lock screen to asking someone to perform a daredevil stunt. At times these are for a cause, like the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, at times it is just for fun – like the Running Man Challenge, and at times, it is borderline dangerous, like the Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge. There is a long list of such ‘challenges’ that have taken the internet by storm in the past few years, and the newest one to join the list is #InvisibleBox Challenge. A large number of netizens have been attempting to accomplish this challenge. A high school cheerleader is among the few who have been successful, and the video of her performing the challenge has gone viral. 

Heart-Shaped Boob Challenge Is The Latest Trend That Has Taken Chinese Social Media By Storm

Heart-Shaped Boob Challenge Is The Latest Trend That Has Taken Chinese Social Media By Storm

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As the name suggests, this challenge requires the participant to imagine that an invisible box has been placed before them. The participant then has to pat the top of the box, perhaps to acknowledge its existence. They then have to raise one foot, place it over the imaginary box, and hop across to the other side of the box with the help of the other foot. Just as if they are stepping on a real box. Although it sounds easy, the #InvisibleBox challenge is actually pretty difficult. While many tumbled over, there were a few who could somehow manage to complete the challenge. The girl in the viral video has been identified as Ariel Olivar, a cheerleader for Manval High School in southeastern Texas. The video was uploaded on December 2 and has been shared widely by netizens who were left impressed. Also Read - Sayantani Ghosh Gives Back To User Who Asked Her Bra Size, Asks 'Does The Size Really Matter?'

Watch her perform the challenge:

Here are others who took the challenge and uploaded their videos:

Quite neat!

Almost made it!

A lot of effort, really!

Struggling to complete the challenge:


Falling over!

The origin of this viral challenge is believed to be the stunt demonstrated in a video uploaded by Dontez Hines, a defensive back at Anderson University in Anderson, Indiana. Hines had uploaded the video this summer. Netizens have been enthusiastically participating in the #InvisibleBox challenge. People are literally falling over themselves to give this challenge a try, and the results are some great performances.