New Delhi: In a shocking incident, a 24-year-old Russian woman was electrocuted to death after her iPhone that was connected to its charger fell into her bathtub. The woman identified as Olesya Semenova was later found by her flatmate Daria at their home in Arkhangelsk city of Russia. Also Read - Apple to Start Working on iPhone With Foldable Screen? Know Details Here

Daria, an estate agent called the police and informed the officials that a smartphone (connected to a charger) was there in the bathtub. Furthermore, Daria stated that she got an electric shock when she touched Semenova’s body. Paramedics also confirmed that Semenova died from an electric shock. Also Read - Coronavirus: Russia’s EpiVacCorona Vaccine Has 100% Efficacy, Claims Report

Following the incident, the Russian emergencies ministry issued a warning saying that the unfortunate incident shows that water and an electrical appliance connected to the mains are dangerous and should be avoided at any cost. Also Read - Russian Couples Kiss Inside Packed Metro Trains to Protest Covid-19 Restrictions, Trigger Criticism

“The tragedy reminds us once again that water and an electrical device connected to the electricity grid are incompatible. The same applies to any mobile device. If you drown a smartphone, the worst thing is its failure,” the ministry continued. “But when it is connected to the network, we see what the consequences are,” the Russian Emergency Ministry said.

The country has witnessed a number of tragic cases of deaths from electric shocks involving teenagers and young adults. Four months back, a 15-year-old girl had died of electrocution in her bath in Moscow.