It took actor Sushant Singh Rajput’s death to open people’s eyes to the nuances of mental illnesses like depression and the dos and donts people should follow while dealing with those suffering from it. Yet, India is far from taking mental health and its issues seriously and the latest Instagram stint by ‘The Style Edge’ fashion blogger Santoshi Shetty is proof of the same.Also Read - OPINION | Fans' Cringeworthy Reactions to 16-Year-Old TikTok Star Siya Kakkar's Death by Suicide Brings us to Square One of Mental Health Discussion

Offering “therapy” for Rs 1500 despite not being qualified in the subject, the Instagram influencer received severe backlash on Twitter. While some accused her for “charging to be a friend”, others simply disapproved of her insensitive approach on an issue as serious as depression.

Taking to their respective handles on the micro-blogging site, while one user lashed, “Why am I writing critical analysis day in and night , spending hours understanding the dsm , icd , differences between symptoms and residual symptoms when #SantoshiShetty just became a therapist because she has good energy , and made a IGTV about it (sic)”, another tweeted, “Bloggers have hit a slump so one of them SantoshiShetty has decided to become a mental therapist with ZERO I repeat ZERO expertise in this field. What’s worse is she is charging 1500/session & defends it as a beautiful gift and gibberish! Mental health reduced to a bloggers fad! (sic)”

Check out Twitter’s reaction on the news here:

Later, Santoshi delete the IGTV video and even put out an apology for the same.

Anytime is a good time to unlearn one’s follies and grow!