New Delhi: Ever since the gold reserve has been found in UP’s Sonbhadra, social media users can’t stop gushing about it and how it will boost the falling economy of India. Around 3,000 tonnes of gold — which is almost five times India’s current reserve of gold — has been found in Son Pahadi and Hardi block. The deposits in Son Pahadi is estimated to be around 2,943.26 tonnes, while that at Hardi block is around 646.16 kilogram. As per the World Gold Council, India currently has 626 tonnes of gold reserves. The new reserves are almost five times that amount and estimated to be worth nearly Rs 12 lakh crore.Also Read - 3,000 Tonnes Gold Reserve Found in Sonbhadra, Five Times India's Current Reserve

People went berserk on social media speculating whether it is a return gift from Lord Rama for the Ram Temple in Ayodhya or whether it is magic of Yogi Adityanath. But everyone is sure that now PM Modi’s dream of making India a $5 trillion economy will come true.

Buoyed by joy, some are also questioning Shakespeare as everything apparently is in the name and that’s why ancient Indians named the place Sonbhadra.