Is Kamasutra pornography? Is the ancient Indian scripture on sex really a bad thing? Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev questions and also explains the philosophy behind the book. This video by Sadhguru says that it’s a misconception that Kamasutra is nothing but pornography. The spiritual guru sheds light on this gently, explaining that in ancient times, Indian culture was without any inhibitions of good and bad and anything could be talked about freely. There were no morals per se, but there was no conflict either. “Sexuality was just another aspect of life, and Kamasutra was not written as pornography, but rather as a textbook on sexuality,” says Sadhguru. Also Read - Against Homophobia: Supermodel Aweng Ade-Chuol Kisses Her Wife on Cover of Elle Magazine

The Kamasutra began being termed as something very sexual and hence bad much later. The misconception it’s nothing but pornography developed over thousands of years when we took to the western morality, where something is good and something is bad; something is God and something is Devil, says Sadhguru. There was no concept of god in ancient India, Sadhguru further says. Also Read - 36 Days, 9477 Miles, 19 States: Sadhguru Shares Experience of Exploring Spiritual America

Kamasutra always arouses curiosity with its intricate details on having a good and pleasurable sex life, when advice like this is not wrong at all. “In this (Indian) culture, we never said anything is bad or good –  we just said ‘This is how it is’,” says Sadhguru. adding, “How much of what you do in your life, is individual choice. How much you eat is your choice.” Also Read - Sadhguru Rides Over 10,000 Miles Exploring Spiritual America, a Look at His Mystical Journey

“We have produced so many perverted individuals just by saying ‘This is bad’,” explains the guru. “Just let it be. The reproductive organs are just a small part of who you are. If we resist it, it will rise into our head,” he advises. “Today’s eye looks at the Kamasutra as an authentication of pornography. It is not…,” he adds. Watch this interesting video to know more of Sadhguru’s talk on Kamasutra and other topics that fall under morality and what is right and wrong.