Looks like the gloom of the COVID-19 pandemic has finally begun to seep down and settle in our hearts or so Agra DM Prabhu Narayan Singh’s insensitive comment hinted after the video of a migrant child sleeping on a suitcase, dragged by his labourer mother, went viral. Leaving netizens angry, Twitter soon flooded with users expressing their grief over the heartbreaking video. Also Read - Great Relief For Class 10, 12 Students | Read What HRD Minister Has to Say

The video shows a toddler asleep on a trolley suitcase which was wheeled by a migrant worker, probably his mother, as she walked with other labourers to their home village from the metropolitan city that no longer wanted them. Amplifying the plight of the migrant workers, the picture trended for quite some time on social media platforms earlier but was brought again on the surface after Singh’s comment to a news agency on Thursday went viral. Likening the challenges of the migrant boy to his own sweet memories of childhood, the DM told ABP News, “When we were kids, we too used to sit on the suitcases used by our father.” Also Read - Horse Which Ferried its Owner from Kashmir to Rajouri Placed Under 'Home Quarantine'

Expressing their outrage over the viral video, while one user wrote, “Mr Prabhu Narayan Singh, wish you were more humane, I am sorry, wish you were more human (sic)”, another tweeted, “How shameless and insensitive can these people be? Beaulaad Aulaad ka Dard kya Jaane (sic)” and yet another expressed, “Prabhu Narayan Singh must be sacked (sic).”

Check out Twitter’s outburst on the viral video here:

The video of the sleeping migrant boy showed reporters asking his mother where she was heading, to which she replied, “Jhansi”. On being asked why were they not taking one of the many state government buses arranged for migrants to travel in the lockdown, the woman was clearly too exhausted to reply. It was reported that the group had apparently covered a distance of 800 km on foot after they started their long journey from Punjab to Jhansi.

The harsh treatment meted out to the migrant workers, who are otherwise involved in building the concrete jungle so that we have a roof over our heads, only goes on to show how dark our hearts have turned and filled with apathy.