As Indians were still reeling from the unfortunate death of the 20-year-old Hathras gangrape victim, another shock awaited this morning as reports suggested that she was cremated by the policemen last night against the wishes of the family.Also Read - Hathras Gangrape Case: Family of Victim Alleges 'Forceful' Cremation by UP Police, Admin Dismisses Charges as 'Wrong'

The woman’s family members said the police forcibly performed the last rites even though they wanted to bring her body home one last time and cremate her in the morning as per customs. The family has also alleged that they were beaten up for resisting the cremation.

Soon after, angry social media users horrified at the actions of the UP police, have called the incident as a ‘blatant disregard of humanity’. Many questioned why did UP administration perform her last rites in the dead of the night despite the family’s objections and whom were they trying to protect?

Others lamented how even criminals are allowed a dignified cremation, whereas a ‘daughter of India’ was even denied this basic right.

Here are some reactions:

However, the Hathras administration on Wednesday dismissed the charges as “wrong”, adding that the consent was given by the family to conduct the funeral

Meanwhile, after the nationwide outrage, UP CM Yogi Adityanath has stated that a three-member SIT team has been assigned to look into the case, and assured that justice will be delivered.