Italy is hard hit with the deadly pandemic Coronavirus and more than 1,800 people in the country had died so far. An Italian newspaper only printed a few obituaries by February 9 but by March 13 there were dozens in Bergamo’s daily newspaper, in the Lombardy region, who lost their lives to COVID-19. From having one and a half pages of obituaries, the newspaper now had 10 pages of obituaries in just a month. Also Read - Coronavirus Pandemic: Various National Hockey Championships Postponed

A correspondent working for the newspaper, David Carretta took a video of L’Eco di Bergamo showing the contrast as Italy’s death toll soared. Sharing the tweet, he wrote, “This is the daily newspaper of Bergamo, one of the epidemic hotspots in Italy. On February 9th, obituaries occupied 1.5 pages. On March 13th, the paper printed 10 (!!) pages of obituaries. Please, #StayAtHome and show this to anyone who tells you #COVID19 “is just like the flu”. (sic) Also Read - Number of Confirmed Novel Coronavirus Cases in Australia Touch 350

Watch the video here:

Italy has been locked down for almost a week and the transport ministry has banned passengers from taking ferries to the island of Sardinia. They have even banned overnight train trips, which was highly used by the residents to travel from the north to the south to reach home and meet their families.

This morning, the death toll rose to 368 deaths from coronavirus in 24 hours, which is an increase of 25%, bringing a total number of deaths to 1,809. The number of positive cases rose to 24,747 from 21,157 in Europe and it is the worst outbreak that continues to expand.

In India, total cases of coronavirus have risen to 114. All schools, colleges, universities, cinema halls, swimming pools, gymnasiums will remain closed with effect from March 17 to March 31st.