All it takes is one bold move to text your crush first to see if it can work and that is exactly what Twitter did, late on Wednesday night, which instantly lead to it asking NASA out for a date. Netizens were idly scrolling through the micro-blogging site when Twitter popped the question “U up?” to which the National Aeronautics and Space Administration quipped, “Waving hand Hey, Twitter! What’s up? (sic).” Also Read - As Maharashtra Cancels Final-Year University Exams, Students Express Their Joy & Relief Through Hilarious Memes

Amused, the netizens waited on the edge for the reply as both the parties seemed hard to be crushing on each other while romancing on their favourite topic – “Earth” and “space snack”. Twitter played cool as it casually said, “Tweeting from earth. what’s up with you (sic)” and NASA was instantly up for game. It shared a picture of the Earth from space and revealed in the caption, “Nice, we (Blue heart) Earth. Just look at it: (sic).” Also Read - Twitter Changes Logo to Black, Updates Bio to #BlackLivesMatter to Protest George Floyd's Killing

Finding its footing in the conversation, Twitter asked, “how’s the wifi up there and also what’s your favorite space snack?”. NASA won hands down it with its witty reply that read, “WiFi is pretty decent! Some of our @NASA_Astronauts can tweet from up there! Favorite snack? Launch meat” and punctuated it with a rocket emoji.

Having discussed their preferences, the conversation moved towards discussing career growth. As always, Twitter asked first. “Sooo, Mars?” Twitter asked with wonderment-in-eyes emoji and NASA was quick to flaunt, “Obvi Our @NASAPersevere rover is launching there in July. Watch with us?” sharing an image of its scientists working on the rover.

This was a huge win over for Twitter and it instantly declared, “it’s a date”. Unable to contain its mutual feelings, NASA replied with an astronaut GIF which pointed at itself first, then at the camera and then waved its hands to make a virtual heart indicating “I love you.”

Setting netizens gushing all throughout, the chat broke the Internet as likes flooded in the direction of both the parties late in the night. as the two decided to “meet” each other in July. That is just the time when NASA’s Perseverance Mars Rover is set to launch. While the launch will take place as per expectations in July 2020, the rover is expected to land on the red planet on February 18, 2021. Interestingly, as per the reports, the rover has a few hobbies such as photography, collecting rocks and off-roading.

Recently, NASA dropped a new challenge amid COVID-19 pandemic, “Honey I Shrunk the Payload”, for pursuing ideas on how to send small payloads on miniature Moon rover. Throwing the challenge open for the world, NASA promised the winner a cash prize of $160,000 as claimed by the crowdsourcing platform HeroX, on which the project was launched. This project is with the intent to return humans to the moon by 2024.