Washington: High drama was witnessed at the State of the Union address on Tuesday night when US President Donald Trump and US House of Representative Speaker Nancy Pelosi, exchanged mutual snubs, triggering a meme-fest on social media. It all started after President Donald Trump ignored House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s attempt to shake his hand before the address. As Pelosi stretched out her hand to greet President Trump, he just handed her a copy of his speech and refused to shake it.Also Read - Watch: Trump Refuses to Shake Hand, Nancy Pelosi Tears Speech | All About American Dream

The move apparently left Nancy Pelosi in shock and she appeared to be taken aback. Watch the video here: Also Read - Donald Trump Delivers Third State of The Union Address Amid Impeachment Trial

Meanwhile, after Trump finished his speech, the California Democrat stood up behind him and ripped her copy of the speech in half before tossing it aside. A source close to the speaker said the moment was not planned.

When asked about the incident, Pelosi told the media, “It was the courteous thing to do considering the alternative. It was a manifesto of mistruths.”

Needless to say, both the snub videos have gone viral, prompting netizens to unleash memes on Twitter. Have a look:

Trump’s speech, delivered before the House, came nearly two months after he was impeached in the chamber over his dealings with Ukraine. On Thursday, the Republican-backed Senate is set to acquit Trump after his impeachment trial.