Tula: A female nurse at a hospital in Tula, central Russia became an online sensation after pictures of her wearing only underwear beneath her highly transparent protective gown, went viral.Also Read - Russian PM Mikhail Mishustin Resumes Work After COVID-19 Recovery

The woman reportedly arrived in the all-male coronavirus patient wing, wearing just the bare minimum beneath the see-through protective suit, because she was “too hot” in the PPE equipment. Also Read - Trending News Today May 11, 2020: Russian Influencer Marina Balmasheva to Marry Her Stepson Whom She Raised, Sparks Outrage

Though no patients complained, the hospital authorities suspended her for ‘non-compliance with the requirements for medical clothing’.

Later, the nurse claimed she did not realize that her underwear was showing through the PPE. After the disciplinary action, she is reportedloffy in a state of shock and afraid of losing her job.

However, the majority of the public has extended support to the nurse and appreciated her, while saying that she was dressed in this way because of the heat.

“Well done to her! And the fact that she risks her life, nobody thanks her for that! And when it comes to a reprimand, here you are!” one person said.

As per a report by The Sun, many doctors, businesses, and politicians in Russia have also backed the nurse, saying that the hospital had not provided the appropriate protective equipment to work with coronavirus patients.

The head of the Doctors’ Alliance, Dr Anastasia Vasilyeva, who offered to support the nurse in appealing against her punishment, told NY Post “We need to pay attention not to her [underwear], but that the [gown] does not meet the necessary standards.”