Trichy: As if we haven’t seen enough, here comes another story of how humans have absolutely no respect for animals’ lives and how can they can be absolutely devoid of sympathy.Also Read - Yet Another Case of Animal Abuse! Leopard Beaten to Death, Its Teeth Removed & Carcass Paraded by Locals in Assam

On the heels of the recent death of an elephant in Kerala, a jackal was killed by a tribal gang after they fed it with a country bomb-covered in meat near Jeeyapuram in Trichy, Tamil Nadu, on June 8. As the jackal took a bite of the meat, the bomb blew up in its mouth, ripping its jaws apart.

“The 12 men had gone to collect honey in a village and found a jackal roaming around. In order to hunt it for its meat and its teeth, the gypsies had packed explosives inside meat pieces and strewn at several places that the jackal frequents,” a forest department official told IANS.

“The bombs are similar to what is called ‘onion bomb’ that are burst during Diwali. The explosive chemicals are packed and when pressure is applied it will burst,” he added.

After killing it, the men stuffed the carcass in a bag, however upon suspecting something fishy, the cop inquired and discovered the dead body of the animal.

After interrogation, Tamil Nadu Forest Department arrested 12 people for killing the jackal, which has been classified as a Schedule-I animal under the Wildlife Protection Act of 1972.

Meanwhile, people on social media who have been horrified by a spate of such animal cruelty case reacted angrily and requested authorities to take strict measures to save our animals:

Recently in Kerala, a pregnant elephant was killed when it ate a pineapple packed with explosives, prompting nationwide outrage. A cow in Himachal Pradesh too was seriously injured after some miscreants allegedly made the animal eat wheat with crackers.