Kolkata: In a move that be significant in identifying Covid-19 cases, two students of the Jadavpur University claim to have developed an intelligent device which will analyse if a coughing person is a COVID-19 carrier. Also Read - Twitterati Express Anger After Bus Driver Who Complained of Coughing Passenger Dies of Coronavirus

Guided by Prof P Venkateswaran, the device has been developed by Annesya Banerjee and Achal Nilhani – both third year undergraduate students in the Department of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering.

The device will track a coughing person and analyse if the same person is a possible suspect of novel coronavirus. If it turns out be a success, the device can be used as a first-level screening system to identify the COVID-19 carrier and thus help in containing the spread of the disease.

The non-contact device, which has embedded image and sound sensors, will work even if the person is away from the device and can even identify multiple coughing persons at the same time.

Whether it is a quarantine centre, office- space, classroom or a built-up area with gathering, the device will be able to efficiently monitor the people present there. More so, it also be used in drones for identifying COVID-19 suspects in public places in the open.

With its impressive features, the device has got a very positive response from ICMR Kolkata and several doctors treating COVID-19 patients and will soon go for real-time clinical testing with COVID-19 patients.

(With inputs from Agencies)