Ghazal in India has been synonymous with one mesmerizing singer, Jagjit Singh. Born on February 8, 1941, the king of Ghazals has made us lose ourselves with his melodies. Jagjit Singh was solely responsible for popularising ghazals in India and helped mend the broken heart. Whether the pain of lost love or the pain of a lost life, Jagjit Singh’s ghazals have always come in as a remedy and has shaped our life. His heartwarming music has made millions believe that music truly can heal you. Jagjit Singh has been awarded by various people for his contribution to Indian music with postal stamps dedicated to the Ghazal King and has also been awarded the Padma Bhushan award in 2003. His legacy and magic have been continuing even after his death and the composer, singer and music director’s loss is felt each day! As we celebrate his 76th birth anniversary, here are seven gems that we were blessed with! Also Read - Jagjit Singh's Birth Anniversary: A Look at 5 Soul-Stirring Melodies of The Ghazal King

1. Honthon Se Choo Lo Tum Also Read - Abhay Deol Says The Main Obstacle of #MeToo Movement in The Country is The Law Which Works Slowly

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The year was 1981, and Jagjit Singh blessed us all with this beautiful romantic number in the movie Prem Geet. One of Singh’s biggest successes, this track can instantly transform any scenario and make it romantic. This beautiful track was composed and sung by the talented artist and has been a valuable addition to the beginning of Jagjit Singh’s era.

2. Jhuki Jhuki Si Nazar

The 80’s marked the beginning of Jagjit Singh’s popularity. This 19082 release from the movie Arth is one of the most soothing compositions by the talented singer. The song was composed by the dynamic duo of Jagjit Singh and his wife, Chitra Singh. Their love for each other was clearly conveyed in this song which was penned by Kaifi Azmi. Concert to pay tribute to Jagjit Singh on death anniversary

3. Tum Itna Jo Muskura Rahe Ho

This beautiful melody is also from the 1982 movie, Arth. The song is still widely used by avid fans of the genre. With lyrics that are forever relevant and the soothing voice of Jagjit Singh, this song is sure to bring a smile on your face. This gem was also composed by Jagjit Singh and his wife, who is a famous Indian ghazal singer, Chitra Singh. The lyrics, which will make everyone instantly relate, were penned by Kaifi Azmi and this song has been counted as one of Jagjit Singh’s Classic.

4. Woh Kaghaz Ki Kashti

This song comes from Jagjit Singh’s album, The Latest. Composed and sung by this talented musician, Woh Kaghaz Ki Kashti released in 1982 and is the perfect song to reminiscing over your childhood. The hard-hitting lyrics of this beautiful 1982 Ghazal were penned by the renowned Indian poet Sudarshan Faakir.

5. Chithi Na Koi Sandesh

This 1998 song helped Jagjit Singh to gracefully continue his magic in the 1990s. Chithi Na Koi Sandesh will make you teary eyed. The song is a heart touching melody which has been performed on various occasions by the singer. The lyrics of this song is written by Anand Bakshi.

6. Hosh Walon Ko Khabar

The craze for ghazals was brought back by this beautiful melody. This track from the 1999 movie, Sarfarosh has introduced Ghazals to the younger generation. The song some of the most beautiful lyrics and Jagjit Singh’s voice mesmerises you.

7. Koi Fariyaad

The 2001 musical, Tum Bin is one of the evergreens. This classic from the 2001 is the perfect song to mend a broken heart. The song was recently remade for the sequel of the 2001 release, Tum Bin 2. Koi Fariyaad played a key role in the success of the movie and Jagjit Singh’s magical voice in this song is beautiful.