With 21-days of lockdown due to coronavirus outbreak, the nature is healing itself and several times we have seen animals coming out on the streets, the air getting cleaner and the pollution levels have also come down. With automobile and industries shutdown, the visible effects of reduced air pollution and smog, has given some scenic view to the residents of Jalandhar, Punjab.Also Read - Coronavirus: Man Killed in West Bengal as Groups Clash Over Setting up of Quarantine Centre

The snow-capped Himalayan range were visible to the naked eyes. The Dhauladhar mountain range, part of the Himalayan range in Himachal Pradesh became visible to Jalandhar residents after a dip in toxic emission levels that resulted in clear skies across the world. Also Read - South London Park Shuts Down After 3,000 People Visit Amid Coronavirus Outbreak, Police Expresses Dissapointment

As more residents witnessed the entire Himalayan range from their rooftops, social media was filled with delightful pictures of the scenic views. Also Read - Coronavirus: People Are Not Believing in WhatsApp Forwards But Still Not Taking Social Distancing Seriously

One Twitter user wrote, “Low pollution due to Coronavirus lockdown leads to Himalayas being visible from my sister’s terrace in Jalandhar, Punjab. Never before have they seen this view from home. Truly amazed!”

Another user tweeted, “The mighty Dhauladhars in Himachal Pradesh are now visible from Jalandhar as the air gets cleaner due to lockdown. Never thought this was possible! First pic is from a DSLR and second from a mobile phone camera.”

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Earlier, Himachal Tourism tweeted, “Jalandhar residents have a view of snow-capped mountains. This is with a dramatic dip in Air pollution levels due to lockdown. Senior citizens say it was almost after a generation that the mountains have been visible in the City.”

However, Jallandhar was not only the city that experienced clearer skies and cleaner air. Similar effects were seen in other parts of Punjab such as Ludhiana. Even Delhi saw a dip of 71% in just a week of the lockdown.