Jamshedpur: With the pandemic disrupting regular classroom teaching, children from economically weaker backgrounds have struggled to keep at par with online classes. Same was the case with an 11-year-old girl from Jamshedpur who has been struggling to attend classes ever since her government school shut down, until an “uncle” from Mumbai came to her rescue.Also Read - Specially-abled Kashmir Boy Walks 2 Km To School Daily On One Leg, Aspires to Become a Doctor | Watch

Eleven-year-old Tulsi Kumar sells mangoes by the roadside and had a dream to buy a smartphone so that she could attend the online classes like the rest of the students in her class. On learning about the young girl’s troubles, a certain Ameya Hete from Mumbai bought a dozen mangoes from her for Rs 1,20,000 – paying Rs 10,000 for each mango – leaving her spellbound. Also Read - Jamshedpur Pad Man Distributes Sanitary Napkins For Free, Asks Girls to Plant a Sapling in Exchange of a Pad

Hete, the Managing Director, Valuable Edutainment Private Ltd in Mumbai, learnt about her struggle after a local media reported on the financial constraints that was keeping the fifth-grader from pursuing her studies. Tulsi told The Times of India that she was selling mangoes to save money so that she can afford to buy a smartphone. But now that she has the money, she can continue her education without worry, she said. Also Read - Mango Side Effects: Eating Too Many Mangoes May Cause THESE Health Problems

The money was eventually transferred to Tulsi’s father Srimal Kumar’s account on Wednesday so that she could buy a smartphone and attend the online classes.

Hete, whose organisation facilitates virtual classes, said he was touched by the girl’s determination. She didn’t ask for alms to meet her financial difficulties, so buying mangoes from her was not charity, he told TOI. It was just to encourage her and others to not give up fighting, he said.