There have been many articles written and videos made on how the SARS-CoV-2 or COVID-19, as we all call it, spreads. Though it is a topic that is still being debated upon, there have been videos showing how it can spread when a person does not cover his or her mouth while sneezing or coughing. Another video that surfaced recently, which is a Japanese experiment, shows how fast it can spread to other people present at a large gathering through the things they touch.Also Read - Manipur Villagers Set up 80 Bamboo Huts to Quarantine People Arriving From Out of State

Created by NHK, Japan’s national broadcasting agency, the video shows a group of people at what looks like a restaurant serving buffet. At the start, a person was given a dollop of fluorescent paint on his hands and then asked to mingle and get food and drink from the buffet table. Also Read - Stuff of Nightmares! Video of Snake Crawling Inside ATM Machine Will Make You Think Twice About Taking Out Money

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The experiment was conducted in collaboration with experts to see how germs may have spread on several Japanese cruise ships, and if areas where the buffets were located could be the source. As can be seen in the video, a group of 10 people were asked to dine together, and how in a matter of 30 minutes the paint had been transferred to every individual.

The NHK reported that the Japanese government is working on a plan for partial lifting of restrictions, as the country has been under a state of emergency for about a month.