As human beings, our first reaction upon seeing any kind of bug is to either run away screaming or stomp the life out of the poor little critter. However, there are some who not only love bugs but also prefer to make a meal out of them. One such person is Shinohara Yuta from Japan, who along with having an appetite for insects, fell in love with a cockroach named Lisa and dated her for about a year.

During an interview with Aisan Boss, Shinohara, who is an entomophagist, spoke about how he fell in love with Lisa, and that she was his first love. He revealed that she had come from a farm in Africa, and he had paid for her. He said that no girl came close to being as attractive as her, and that as he got more and more involved with her, he even began to think about having sex with her. The fact that they were of different sizes though, stopped him from going ahead.

Shinohara went on to say that the relationship went on for a year and then Lisa, who had a short life span, died. To honour her and ensure that she remains with him forever, he decided to eat her.

When asked when he started to have a liking for insects, Shinohara said since his birth he has had a fondness for them but was not able to tell anyone about it. It was only when the United Nations’ department of food and agriculture released a report on the benefits of eating insects, that he decided to come out in the open about it.

Shinohara loves to create dishes out of insects and a favourite of his is Ramen with crickets. He has been creating the dish and inviting others to try it, even organising food trials around Japan with different kinds of bugs. From the video, it seems he is not the only one who enjoys a meal of bugs.