If you have ever done something weird in public, you would known how embarrassing it could be and try and pretend it just did not happen. But when you are on live TV, somehow it stays on for eternity and gets passed on from one person to another. Well recently, a live chat between presumptive Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden and Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf turned out to be one of those unforgettable and passable episodes.Also Read - PM Narendra Modi Gives us Glimpse of His Poetic Side in Book Titled 'Letters to Mother'

Passable why? Because during the conversation between Biden and Wolf a sound came from the direction of the former which sounded like a fart. The sound was loud enough that even Wolf reacted to it, as it had sounded like Biden just passed gas. Also Read - I Thought I Was Hallucinating: Woman After Finding Bed Hanging From Light Fixture Outside Her House

The clip was shared by Donald Trump Jr on Twitter, with a caption that read, “Did @JoeBiden just pull an Eric Swalwell?” Also Read - Frog Playing Ant Smasher on Smartphone Will Leave You Amazed But Ending Will Leave You in Splits

The video has gone viral and been retweeted over 7k times and garnered over 17k likes with many adding their own hilarious comments.

Junior’s reference had been to an MSNBC interview in November last year in which California Representative Eric Swalwell had presumably led out a loud fart.