New Delhi: At a time when Canada is mourning the loss of lives in the Ukrainian plane crash and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is asking for accountability for Iran’s ‘human error’, the world can only focus on the salt and pepper beard that Trudeau is recently flaunting.Also Read - This Indian-Origin Canadian May Decide Justin Trudeau's Fate

The first photo of a brooding Trudeau became public when Adam Scotti, the official photographer of Trudeau, posted the photo on his Instagram profile on January 6. After that, he shared two more photos of Trudeau — in both his beard is visible. Also Read - Justin Trudeau's Liberal Party Wins Canadian General Elections

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Since then, it has been really hard to keep calm as several theories have been offered to explain the ‘mature’ look of a 48-year-old, two-time PM.

BBC, in its ‘Justin Trudeau and the politics of facial hair’, said that in the US, beards have been perceived as a political turn-off for voters for decades and the refuge of the defeated candidate.

Toronto’s The Star almost chided its readers as it said: Don’t pretend you don’t care about Justin Trudeau’s new beard. The Guardian offered a piece of advice: “Dear Justin Trudeau, a beard will only make it look like something has gone wrong in your life.”

Many claim that he is now looking like his father late Pierre Trudeau who was the 15th PM of Canada. Some political angles have also emerged from the beard that in his second stint, Trudeau is more business-like, serious and low profile.