The fact that monkeys are our ancestors is known to all. People often share pictures of ‘cute monkeys’ and draw similarities between the way they and humans behave. But there is always a slight fear associated with it. For instance, people feel the monkeys might snatch food or their camera from them or get scared when a monkey comes close to them. However, this viral video of a one-and-half-year-old boy playing with the monkeys will perhaps reduce this fear! A unique friendship has been struck between the monkeys and a little boy from Hubli, Karnataka. The video shows the boy comfortably feeding and playing with his friends – the monkeys. And it is reportedly a common sight for the residents of Allapur village. Also Read - Viral Video: Monkey Seen Selling Vegetables in This Hilarious Video, Will You Dare to Buy? | Watch

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The video, recorded in Hubli, Karnataka, has been shared by news agency ANI. In the video, the boy, barely one-and-half-year-old, is walking towards a group of monkeys and feeding them one by one. The monkeys try to snatch food from his hands, but he seems unperturbed, and the sight is truly adorable. The toddler is completely at ease with the monkeys and his love and affection for shows in the way he plays with them. Also Read - Karnataka Weekend Lockdown From Today: Travel, Transport And Other Guidelines You Need To Know

The family has reportedly said that the little boy has been feeding the monkeys since he was barely six-months-old. They also added that the monkeys have never hurt the boy. In fact, the monkeys are the ones who wake him up every morning. Why? To play with them of course, and to be fed by him! Also Read - Karnataka Govt Issues Revised Curfew Guidelines, Traders Call it 'Partial Lockdown' | Complete List of What's Allowed, What's Shut on Weekdays

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Following the news of this friendship, Twitter users shared other instances of such ‘unique bonds’. One user said that this is nothing compared to a friendship between a child and a crocodile in Gujarat. Some others said that this restores their faith in humanity and some found it “too cute”. However, a few users also pointed out that it is not safe and that monkeys tend to get violent if food is not given to them.