Amid the coronavirus lockdown, policemen are doing their duty diligently to keep people safe and off the streets and the latest initiative by the Karnataka police is winning hearts on the internet.  A cop named Dayananda Shegunasi drew coronavirus rangoli with a white chalk on a road in Belgaum to make passersby aware of the deadly virus. Also Read - Lockdown 4.0: This State Allows Taxis And Auto-rickshaws in Red Zones From Today

The pictures that are going viral on social media reads ‘Corona Danger – Stay away from me’ along with a photo of a dangerous viral with a desi tilak. Also Read - Virtual Rallies, Conferences: This is How BJP Plans to Celebrate First Anniversary of Modi Govt 2.0

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Many netizens applauded the cop for the initiative. One user commented, “It is aimed at People who aimlessly roam about on the roads without having any social responsibility. They have to and will notice. Good job by the police.”

Another tweeted, “In lockdown situation, who will notice except emergency services and themselves!!”

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi has announced 21-days of complete lockdown till April 14 in order to combat pandemic COVID-19. So far, India has recorded over 1,161 cases and 32 people have died due to coronavirus, as of March 30.