New Delhi: In the age of coronavirus, India’s traditional form of greeting–the namaste, is back in vogue as many world leaders seem to have adopted it amid the pandemic. In recent days, images of US President Donald Trump and Prince Charles opting to use ‘namaste’ over a handshake went viral, prompting the world to sit up and take notice. Also Read - Baba Sehgal Slams Bollywood Over Remixes, Says It's Becoming 'Copywood'

Meanwhile, as namaste goes global, Indians couldn’t be more proud of this age-old tradition and rapper Baba Sehgal is one of them. In his recent rap, NAMASTE – CoronaVirus sey bachney ka Indian Tareeka, Sehgal takes pride in the Indian culture and spreads awareness about the COVID-19 virus in the ‘Indian style’. Also Read - Baba Sehgal's Video of Ed Sheeran's Shape of You Will Haunt you Forever

”Initially I thought I won’t make a song on coronavirus because it’s quite a serious issue. But last night when I saw Prince Charles doing namaste on TV, I was taken back, I was very happy because namaste comes from our culture,” adding, “So guys let’s do this namaste and beat this corona sh*t”, he says in the video. Also Read - Baba Sehgal's New Song Google Ka Zamana is Already Topping the Charts on the Internet

Watch the song here:

While grooving to the beats, Sehgal asks people to not panic and take preventive measures like avoiding travel, eating right and practicing social distancing to beat the coronavirus.

”Namaste, namaste, haat joro joro tum karo namaste”, he emphasises.

Netizens were visibly impressed with the song and praised Sehgal for this informative video. One user wrote, ”The only good thing I have seen or heard since Corona started …Lovely lyrics and Baba as usual rocks. Respect Baba Sir.”

Another wrote, ”I thought there is no sensible & patriotic artist left in bollywood. I was wrong”.

Meanwhile, a 64-year-old man, who was tested positive for deadly coronavirus in Maharashtra, passed away at Kasturba Hospital on Tuesday, taking India’s total death toll to 3.