Karva Chauth festival is just the round the corner! Yes,  time and like every year, wives all over are getting excited about the festival. Karwa Chauth is one of the most auspicious festivals for a married woman. The festival of love is a form of a blessing for their husband’s well-being, prosperity and wealth. Karwa Chauth auspicious festival is observed on the fourth day of October and it is usually before Diwali. On, this day, a married woman is supposed to not eat food or drink water. But in today’s generation not just the wife but even their husbands observe fast which shows their true bond of love for each other.Also Read - Varun Dhawan - Natasha Dalal Look Radiant as They Celebrate First Karwa Chauth, See Pictures

On this day, women cherish the festival and love to dress in their bridal outfit. It is believed that on this day, husbands and wives get together and cherish their bond of love. On the day of Karva Chauth, the wife fasts for her husband’s long life and she does eat or drink anything, not even a drop of water, throughout the day. The morning the fast begins is known as Sargi and that is the only meal the wife has throughout the day – it is supposed to help her sustain throughout the day. The meal is eaten early in the morning is Sargi and has to end before sunrise. There are a lot of celebrations which takes place. Devotees break their fast in the evening after a puja and then, the women are allowed to eat. Also Read - 5 Sumptuous Hair Looks to Make This Karwa Chauth Special

This festival has several traditional customs and rituals which have barely changed over time. Karwa Chauth gave birth to the term ‘Pati-Parmeshwar’ which means husbands are considered as Gods. And it’s the duty of their wives to serve them. ALSO READ: Karwa Chauth 2016: Easy style guide to look your best on the special day Also Read - Karwa Chauth 2021: 6 Tips to Darken Your Mehndi

Here, we have a list of unusual yet romantic gifts which can make your lady happy on this auspicious day. Happy Karwa Chauth!

1. Take her for a lavish Sargi

Sargi is the first and the only meal of the day for her. Make it extremely special for her. Take her out for a nice Sargi. Not everyone can afford lavish restaurants. You can even ask a cook or a friend to cook all her favourite dishes for her and surprise her! She will fall more in love with you, trust us!

2. You be the one to cook for the entire family that day 

Just because the wife is fasting, doesn’t mean the entire house fasts. There are members of the family who eat and food has to be cooked for them. Instead of making the wife cook, you be the one who cooks for the family that day! Also, try and make the dishes she doesn’t particularly like so that she’s not even remotely tempted!

3. Organise a surprise Karva Chauth party for her

Call all her friends for Karva Chauth and have a special party. If not a lavish puja, you can just call them for dinner after the puja is done and the vrat is broken. Or during the day when she can have her fun with the girls. Call all her closest friends and decorate the house with the Karva Chauth theme!

4. Spread gifts throughout the house for her

Instead of giving her the gifts all at once, you can spread the gifts throughout the house for her. If you’re a couple all by yourself not having a party then you can even organise a small treasure hunt for her where both of you can have fun – you giving the clues and she deciphering them!

5. Take the day off from work

Nothing else will say ‘you’re special’ to her like you spending time to be with her. Take the day off. Spend the day at home just talking to her. Or watch your favourite movie together curled up on the couch. Just rekindle the romance. Do anything that makes both of you happy. Just with her.

6. Keep the vrat with her

This might be difficult for most men but try keeping the vrat with your wife. It is then that you will truly appreciate the efforts she takes for you and how much she loves you. If not all day, keep a partial fast. Where maybe you don’t eat only drink water. Or only eat fruits. Just quietly show your support in some way.

7. Make sure the kids don’t irritate her this one day

Staying hungry and managing the kids can definitely be a task! Keep the kids engaged somewhere else or keep them under your care. Just handle all kid grievances for this one day and let her put her feet up and rest. Let her watch her favourite TV show without commenting on it’s stupidity, let her read a good book, doze off in the afternoon or basically do whatever she wants without the kids nagging all the time!

8. Be the perfect husband!

Lol, we know it’s difficult despite doing your best but this one day just be the best husband in the world for her. Show her how much she matters to you and how much you love her. Make this the perfect day for her!