Kitui: In a rather disturbing incident, a Kenyan husband allegedly attempted to seal up his wife’s sexual organs with super glue because he believed she was having extramarital affairs with four men. Also Read - Indian Women Prefer Men Aged 30-40 for Extra Marital Affairs, Reveals Data; Bengaluru the Most Unfaithful City

The husband in question, Denis Mumo, a businessman, confessed to the police that he discovered the messages that his wife had been sending to men on social media, including nude photos. Also Read - Kapurthala: Woman Kills 4-year-old Son Fearing he Would Reveal Her Extra Marital Affair

Mumo revealed that before his last business trip to Rwanda, he sealed his wife’s vagina with superglue to stop her from having intercourse with other men and ‘save his marriage’.

Justifying the vile act, he told the police, “I have to do this to save my wife and my marriage because I still love my wife very dearly and I will not want to lose her. I also have several messages of my wife sending nude pictures and messages to other men with captions such as ‘next week will be fireworks’ and other erotic messages.”

Meanwhile, the woman who was in excruciating pain had to seek medical assistance as she was unable to even visit the toilet.

The husband will now appear in court on the charges of domestic violence with assault for causing damage to her reproductive organs. The wife too, will have to testify against the alleged adultery.