Thrissur: A 12-year-old boy from Kerala’s Thrissur has become the talk of the town after he impressed everyone with his beautiful replica of a train made of newspapers. Lauding his creativity, the Railway ministry shared his artwork on Twitter, which has gone viral.Also Read - Watch | RPF Jawan Runs After Train to Deliver Milk Packet For a 4-Month-Old Baby, Wins Piyush Goyal's Praise

As per reports, Adwaith, a seventh-grade student created the entire model with only 33 sheets of newspaper, ten sheets of A4 paper, and glue. The video shared by Railway Ministry shows  how Adwaith created different parts of a train by rolling, cutting, and pasting the newspapers and creating pipe-like structures. He finally assembled them together to look like a train.

In a tweet, the Ministry of Railways wrote, ”Master Adwaith Krishna, a 12-year-old rail enthusiast from Thrissur, Kerala has unleashed his creative streak and has made a captivating train model using newspapers. His near perfection train replica took him just 3 days”.

Netizens were mighty impressed with his brilliant creation and praised him, with one user saying “Not an easy thing, as I do craftworks using newspaper, it requires a lot of patience & time-consuming.”

Another user wrote, ”Appreciate Indian railways on promoting the young talents of India and hats off to Adwaith for better utilising the lockdown time and using cheap raw materials for creating priceless monuments.”

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According to the ministry’s account, Adwaith studies at CNN Boys High School Chepru, Thrissur.