A pre-wedding photoshoot is a very normal phenomenon for the couples who are about to get hitched. Some of the couples try to make it look romantic with picturesque location and lovely outfits. However, a recent photoshoot of a young Kerala couple went viral on social media for its major goof up. The couple thought that it will be so romantic to do their photoshoot on a boat while it rains but it turns out to be another way around. The duo was meant to kiss sitting on a canoe but instead ended up falling into the river. Also Read - Kerala Couple in Their 60s Marry After Falling In Love At Old Age Home, Pics Go Viral

The video made its way to the world of social media and instantly grabbed the attention of the netizens. In the video, a photographer on the other boat is seen giving instructions to the couple as they sit on the boat holding a big banana leaf over their heads. It’s raining romantically and they are about to kiss as water is splashing on them but suddenly the boat flips and the couple fall down into the river. Also Read - Pre-wedding Photoshoot of Soon-to-be-married Couple Photobombed by Naked Man at Beach, Pictures go Viral

The couple in the video is Tijin Thankachen from Thiruvalla and Silpa from Changanacherry, who are set to take their wedding vows on May 6. The photoshoot was being held along the banks of the Pamba river at Kadammanitta in Pathanamthitta district. Also Read - Kerala's Trans Man And Woman Receive Death Threats After News Of Their Marriage Spread

Watch the hilarious video here:

However, the organiser of the wedding shoot told a news portal, “The entire thing was actually planned. However, the couple was not told about the twist.”

“To be frank that did not happen haphazardly, our team had pre-planned it without letting it be known to the couple. We wanted to shoot something funny for our personal website, and the couple had invited us only for a normal shoot,” told Indianexpress.com

He further said, “The couple kept laughing after their fall believing it was an accident. We revealed it to them after the shoot, and they said that they really enjoyed it.”

The video has already received 4.8 thousand likes and hundreds of comments.