Kannur: With India struggling to flatten the Covid curve, many states have imposed strict restrictions and lockdown and people have been asked to comply with the Covid-19 norms. As lockdown is in place, only essential services are exempted and people are strictly warned against coming out in public places or travel unnecessarily. However, some people who really need to step out for some urgent work, are required to get an e-pass. On a daily basis, authorities receive thousands of e-pass applications from citizens and travel is allowed only if the e-pass states a valid reason. However one bizarre request received by Kerala police really stands out! Also Read - Kerala Makes E-pass Mandatory For Travel During Lockdown: Here's How to Apply and Get One

A resident from Irinave in Kannur’s Kannapuram recently requested in his e-pass application that he needed to go out for ‘sex’. According to Kerala Kaumudi, the man wanted to visit Kannur in the evening. Needless to say, the cops were stumped by the request and even the Assistant Commissioner of Police was alerted. The Valapattanam police were then asked to locate the individual, who was brought to the station for questioning.

When asked about the reason mentioned on the application, the man revealed that it was just a typo and as he had misspelled the word. He said that he actually intended to write ‘six o clock’  instead of ‘sex’, and apologised for the same. Later, his apology was accepted by the officials and the man was released. The police also further instructed him to not apply for an e-pass for non-essential purposes.

Last week too, the District Magistrate of Purnea, Bihar, had shared a bizarre application for an e-pass that was received by the Bihar Police. A person said that he immediately required an e-pass as needed to travel to treat his ‘acnes and pimples’. Rahul Kumar wrote on Twitter, “Maximum applications we receive for issuance of E-Pass during #lockdown are genuine but then we receive this kind of requests as well. Brother, your pimples treatment may wait. #Priorities.”