Far from dissing or hiding the only student who did not pass the SSLC exam, the results of which were recently announced, the headmaster of a Kozikhode school in Kerala is winning hearts instead of his emotional gesture to the lone student. Reaching out to the boy over a phone call, the headmaster shared how even he had failed and elaborated on how academic success should not be the only goal. Also Read - Air India Express Crash: DGCA Bans Use of Wide-Body Aircraft at Kozhikode Airport During Monsoon

In a heartwarming message on Facebook, Prabhakaran Priyam, headmaster of the Government Vocational Higher Secondary school at Madappally in Kozhikode, shared, “Among the group, there was one who failed. I called only him, without calling 434 others who passed the exam. I feel I am the other person who failed along with him.” Also Read - Air India Express Plane Crash: Captain Sathe to be Accorded With State Funeral, Announces Maharashtra CM

He expressed how the school staff was sure of 100% success of the students as the weaker ones were given extra attention, love and care before the onset of the exams. He wrote, “There were even students among them who had trouble in writing alphabets. Perhaps the children might have experienced this much warmth before in their lives. And for the teachers also, it would have been the first opportunity to shower this much love and care for students.” Also Read - With COVID Guidelines in Place, Kerala’s Sabarimala Temple to Open For Pilgrims From Nov 16

Instead of blaming the student despite the extra efforts of the staff, the headmaster reasoned, “Maybe there was something lacking in the way we cared for the student because all of us teachers also failed with him.” He hoped that the student might pass in re-evaluation or the SAY exams later.

The motivational post ended with how a plethora of successful people had skyrocketed to fame with their talent beyond academics inspite of not performing well within the boundaries of a classroom.

The message is truly goals for all the teachers and parents out there!