Amid the coronavirus panic and outbreak across the globe, where everyone is being asked to use a hand sanitizer, wear a mask and wash their hands frequently, Kerala police have come up with an interesting way to increase the practise washing hands. Also Read - Robots in Kerala Answer Queries on Coronavirus, Distribute Sanitizers, Watch Viral Video

In a video shared on social media, we see 6 Kerala policemen dancing and showing different ways to wash hands in order to stay clean and protected of germs. We see the policemen wearing masks and cutely dancing as they display the ways of handwash. The video has been breaking the Internet and has gone viral on social media. The video clip is just for 1.04 second but is surely very informative. Also Read - Trending News Today March 17, 2020: Amid Coronavirus Outbreak, Textile Shop in Kerala Named 'Corona' Becomes the Centre of Attraction

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Earlier, a video of robots in Kerala distributing hand sanitizers, napkins and masks to visitors had gone viral on social media. The robots were made by Kerala based startup by the name of Asimov Robotics under the Kerala Startup Mission which is a state government initiative in order to promote startups. In the video, we could also see the robots answering queries related to the coronavirus outbreak.

More than 4,700 deaths due to Coronavirsu from across the globe have been reported from across the globe so far. In India, 147 people have tested positive from Coronavirus and three deaths have been reported. In Kerala, more than 27 cases of COVID 19 have tested positive including two foreigners. WHO has declared coronavirus as a pandemic and government officials from across the globe are taking preventive measures to stop the virus from spreading further.

Schools, restaurants, bars, movie theatres and events across the globe have been cancelled. In many places, all kinds of public gatherings have been banned by the government as a measure to stop the virus from spreading further.