Kindness and compassion are the only things that can save humanity from crumbling. While our news feeds are inundated with negative stories pushing us into sadness, there are also some stories of hope, which make us believe that there is still some goodness in this world, after all! Also Read - 'Deserves Padmashri': Twitter Can't Stop Gushing Over Postman Who Faced 'Wild Elephants'-'Slippery Streams' to Deliver Letters For 30 Years

One such heartwarming gesture was captured on camera that shows a woman in Kerala helping a blind man catch a bus. The video shows the woman dressed in saree, running down the road towards a state transport bus. Once she catches up to the bus, she asks the conductor something and is then seen holding the blind man by the hand and helping him to get on the bus.

The video was shared on Twitter by Vijayakumar IPS, with the caption, ”She made this world a better place to live.kindness is beautiful!”

The video has gone viral, with people in awe of her sense of kindness and generosity. One user wrote, ”She is one of her kind….. Good Instincts straight away, did not hesitate even one second….. World still exists due to souls like these….., while another commented, ”These kinds of persons make the world beautiful. Let’s protect them, care for them, support them and let’s be like them.”

Here are other reactions:

Another user commented, ”Believe in love and I’m sure there won’t be any hatred and hypocrisy, the existence of some kind and humane ppl doesn’t show that all other human beings are inhumane, just we fail to show our great attributes of humanity and kindness to the fullest and we fail to understand the mankind.”

Hope we all learn something from her!